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Wednesday 30th of November, 2022

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All Colouring competition SM
  Last colouring competition of the year running at the moment! Grab a copy from your whanau teacher or the library. Entries due Tuesday 6th December at 3pm.

All House tokens SM
  All house tokens need to be in your house box for the final count by 3:15pm on Thursday. Winner will be announced on Friday and on Facebook, with mufti starting on Monday for this house. Good luck!

All Meeting people at the school gates RE
  Reminder: students are not to be meeting people or parents at the school gates during the school day. If something is being brought to school for you, please ask them to bring the item to the school office - you can retrieve the item from there.
Hanging around the school gates - you are in an out of bounds area during school hours.
Thank you.

All Music lessons on Wednesday RA
  No individual music lessons today.

All P4 and P5 HD
  Hi. During P4 and P5 today you will not have your usual classes or teachers due to a Union meeting. School is still staying open though. Can all students go to the Hall at the end of P3 and we will organise what you are doing during those two periods. Thanks

All Tikanga BR
  Hi everyone, just a quick reminder that tables and desks are for eating and learning. They are not for sitting on or leaning bottoms against. There are plenty of chairs available for both these things. This applies to tables that are both inside and outside.

Nga Mihi